Room: John Field Room

Prices: €20 (Concessions: €15)

10% Discount for Friends of the National Concert Hall

The Music of Duke Ellington re-arranged and presented alongside original compositions by the Cian Boylan Sextet

Linley Hamilton, Trumpet

Brendan Doyle, Alto Sax / Clarinet

Rob Geraghty, Tenor Sax

Cian Boylan, Piano

Dan Bodwell, Double Bass

Dominic Mullen, Drums

Duke Ellington is a giant of jazz history, and is increasingly regarded as one of the top composers of the twentieth century. A post-humus Pulitzer prize winner, Ellington composed over 1,000 pieces spanning a multitude of genres. This concert will see Dublin-based pianist and composer, Cian Boylan, present his own unique arrangements of Ellington’s work alongside original compositions, with an all-star group of musicians.

Presented by Sam Kavanagh Music