Cian is currently in the process of a number of arranging and recording jobs:

  • In the studio this month to record the sublime chanteusse Karen Egan for her second album. Karen has written some beautiful original songs which he is looking forward to recording.
  • Cian has put down the keys on Champagne Animal’s debut album. Really great band! Next step is putting down the strings and brass parts for them. Can’t wait to hear the final product!
  • Cian has also arranged two new songs for Belfast crooner, Johnny Bravo and will be going into the studio later this month to record them.
  • Cian is producing Dakota 66’s debut single. Nearly finished and ready for mixing.
  • Finally, he has been commissioned to write String and Brass arrangements for Stephen Ryan. The songs sound amazing already with a brilliant job done by producer Conor Brady. Cian also played keys on the tracks.